Fuse Panel Upgrades

River City Electricians perform fuse panel upgrades frequently. Our certified electricians will be able to install your new panel in a quick, efficient timeframe, with your safety in mind.

Why Should I Upgrade My Electric Panel?

A good rule-of-thumb is to update your electric panel every 25-40 years. If your home falls into that realm, it’s probably time to consider an upgrade, as wiring grows faulty over time. Age isn’t the only factor to consider, though. Some additional signs include:

  • Flickering light and/or flickering appliances
  • Slight burning smells
  • Sparks or scorch marks around outlets
  • Small electric shocks when you touch appliances in the house
  • General warmth around outlets

If you’re experiencing any of these, it’s time to contact us.


“Very helpful and knowledgeable! Does a lot for the community as well. I would highly recommend!”

Matthew Young

Taylor Lawrence owner of River City Electric do a great job on meeting all your electrical needs. From wiring a pool, a house or a business. Call them and get the job done right the first time!

Allen Fuller

RCE installed the electrical wiring for a new boat dock, including GFI receptacles, LED lighting and ceiling fan sockets. Outstanding work that included all liquid-tite flex conduit. Very professional and expedient work. Highly recommend their services.

Donald Woller

Request An Upgrade For Your Fuse Panel

We can upgrade your out-dated fuse box with a safer, more efficient model. We perform hundreds of installs every year, and can have you running in no time.

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